Hell is to…

Of all the things that irk me the most, it’s got to be individuals that have the potential to make a difference, to live with joy, to push past the choices in this life they don’t get to make but choose not to.

I get it, I understand. And you know, you are right, I don’t know your story. But, I do know The Story. I know what it feels like to have life ripped from your hands. I know what it feels like to give birth to death. I know what it feels like to make choices that change your children. I know failure. I know pain. I know the human existence, I live it right next to you. You are not alone. You are not unique in the sense that you are broken and battered. You are not alone in this: you have a choice.

Stay where you are, in the middle of the mess and drown or choose to get up walk. You are a light to this world, stand up and shine. Do it now.

I do not believe in hell except this – Hell is to see the potential of your human life played out on a screen; the music roars and the trailer rolls announcing you to humanity. The movie is to watch it unfold. The only difference between the two; your choice between living life and living death.


Grace & Peace,

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