HonestlyBe is about inspiring hope. It’s about taking what was meant to destroy me, turning it on its head and using it to change the world. It’s about #chooselife, the #beyouproject, and #beautyfromashes.

I’ve spent many years of my life trying to be what I am not. Following the rules and the prescribed formula for a life-well-lived to find out that in the end – authenticity, transparency, honesty, and LOVE are the only things that matter.

The stories I post here are for me.  They are the practice of me being #onlyme; not trying to be anything or anyone else.  They are about expressing the ups and downs of my life; the joys and the pains without holding back. I do this because I don’t want to feel alone and by having the courage to be vulnerable and real, I open the door to you. And that brings connection, healing, and life.

The point here is to: Honestly Be


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