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Hi, I'm Daun

dawn: to begin to grow light as the sun rises

I’m a woman. I’m a mom. I’m a project manager, business consultant and psychology student.

I’ve given birth to four children, adopted one and survived the death of three. One of those to suicide.

I’ve was married once; for 20 years. I left him for another man. That lasted 4 years. Now, for the first time in 45 years, I’m single.

I’ve made a gazillion mistakes, but I’ve learned something beautiful from every single one of them. For some reason, I have a crazy knack for sharing the intimate details of my life lessons, shamelessly, with the world at large.

If I can help you at all, it will be to show you that surrender is strength, that beauty rises from ashes and that death always brings with it, more life.


That was many years ago and a lot has happened since then.  I now get to do what I love every day.


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How To Save The Gifted Kids We’re Losing To Suicide

If I could change the entire structure of the educational system in America, I would. If it were worth the battle to start legislation if I thought laws would change these facts. I would dedicate the rest of my life to doing so.  The reality is that legislation and administration can only do so much.
The reality is…

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Weaving a Blanket of Hope

He threw his head back in his carefree way and smirked a half smile. I laughed, so very close to my own heart. It was like our souls were woven together through time. People used to tell me that this child though an adopted was very much similar to me. They were right and over time he had become a refuge and friend in the emptiness of my marriage.

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Giving Death To A Child

Why is there no term such as “giving death to a child,” for it is the same sentiment? It involves the labor, the fight, the surrender, the same pain as giving birth, only in reverse. Life comes into this world in agony, it leaves with the same. How can we say human life in the…

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Dear Jamison, I Wish

Dear Jamison, There’s a dead spot in my heart. It’s like a dull wooden spot that has calcified. Like, The Chronicles of Narnia when the witch freezes over the characters and they turn to stone. My heart is hardened over, blue – but I’m still very much alive. I am dead within being alive. The thoughts of…

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Your Story Is What You Make Of It. Turning 40.

I’m 40 today. For a woman to age gracefully she has to have that je ne sais quoi; that I don’t care, come what may attitude. Growing up and growing old takes guts. It takes even more guts to do it well. I never thought I would be where I am at today. When I…

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Honestly. You. Inspire Me.